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Celebrating Black History Month

by Kailey Resinger |

To Celebrate Black History Month, we're sharing the story of  Carter G. Woodson - who is known for pioneering this month. 

Carter Godwin Woodson was an American historian, author, journalist, and the founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. He was one of the first scholars to study the history of the African diaspora, including African-American history. 

Woodson was born in Virginia, the son of former slaves, he graduated from Berea College and gained graduate degrees at the University of Chicago and in 1912 was the second African American to obtain a PhD degree from Harvard. He went on to become a teacher and school administrator. Woodson became disturbed by America's Black population being largely ignored in history textbooks-took it upon himself to write Black American's into the nations history.

In 1926, he developed Negro History Week. Then in 1976, expanded into Black History Month.

Woodson chose the second week of February because it marks the birthdays of two greatly influential men: Frederick Douglas-who escaped slavery, became an abolitionist and civil rights leader. As well as Abraham Lincoln-who signed the emancipation proclamation which abolished slavery in America's confederate states.

He is considered a pioneer of African-American history, given much of the credit for Black History Month, and has been called the Father of Black History.







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