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Born the World Over speaks to the unique and careful creation of Native Atlas products from North America to Africa and everywhere in-between.

The word “born” is defined as deriving or resulting from, and “the world over” translates to all over the world which, when fused together, creates the tagline: Born The World Over.

We desire to help others live a healthier life by crafting sustainable, high-performance products, using only the purest of ingredients.
Our synergistic blends permeate skin to its deepest levels, nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Products work in sync with the skin’s natural process of cleansing, oil production and cellular regeneration. Use daily as your cleansing ritual and watch inner-beauty shine through.



Luxurious elixirs created exclusively with organic and wildcrafted plant oils cultivated from around the world. Every ingredient is sourced from its native region. Our powerful blends permeate and nourish your skin to its deepest levels, providing healing benefits to the body, mind, and soul. Use daily as your cleansing ritual to remove modern day environmental aggressors and restore total peace.

Our synergistic blends create a powerful effect on the skin, body and mind without the use of synthetics, parabens, petrochemicals, or any other man-made ingredients.  We seek to only use oils that are wildcrafted or certified organic and cold-pressed. Wildcrafted is grown ethically and cultivated in the wild and not commercially farmed. Plants can continue the pure and sustainable growth cycle year after year.  Cold-pressed is the method of extraction that is extracted at a low heat of 80-90F. Organic plants have been grown without pesticides or additives. No synthetics means no barrier between you and your best skin, naturally.


We choose to use essential oils in their wholeness. We do not use isolates because we believe in the bio dynamic power of using the whole plant and not fragmented portions. Isolates are inexpensive and often synthetic ways to guarantee the product aroma stays the same.

We embrace the changes in seasons and value the journey of life each plant goes through. Because our products are all naturally sourced, the naturally changing forces of seasons, weather, and time of harvest will cause minor variations in scent and color.  While there will never be complete uniformity in hue or aroma, the effectiveness and quality of the product will always remain the same. 


Our Product Commitment:
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Organic and wildcrafted plant botanicals
Free from synthetics or chemical preservatives


"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”
                                                       — Albert Einstein