Aromatherapy has the unique ability to balance the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Each of the essential oils has therapeutic properties.  Some oils stimulate an increase of energy, while others induce pleasant relaxation and can reduce the effects of depression and stress. The limbic system is activated by inhalation, and is thought to control emotion and other brain functions related to our instincts and memories. Inhaling essential oils can directly affect our emotional state due to stimulation of the emotional center of the brain.


Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are extracted from seeds, leaves, roots, and flowers of trees, shrubs and herbs by the process of distillation. They are highly concentrated and oxygenating. As an example it takes over 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce a pound of essential rose oil. However, it only takes minor amounts of these oils to produce an effect. These oils are super penetrating which makes their effectiveness even better. The molecular structure of essential oils are small and similar to that of human cells therefore enabling them to penetrate fast. When they are inhaled they will be distributed throughout the body in a mere 20 seconds.

Everything vibrates and all has a very specific periodic motion or vibration that is made. A vibration (or number of oscillations per second) is measured in Hertz. And all elements that are listed in the periodic tables have a frequency.

In the continuing research into essential oils for the body and skin treatments a frequency chart has been discovered. It is as follows:

You will notice that the frequency of the body will lower as it becomes sicklier. So the method of healing should first address increasing the frequency back up to the healthy level. This can be done via the use of essential oils on the skin and body. Pure essential oils provide between 52-320 HZ which is enough to affect most of the illnesses as shown above.

Many of the foods we eat have very little or no frequency. (All canned foods have a zero – 0 frequency!) Plus many of the pollutants in the air have lower frequencies than our bodies require to remain healthy. Here is a partial listing of essential oils and their ratings. Typically low frequency oils support physical ailments, mid frequency oils promote emotional changes and high frequency oils work on spiritual enlightenment.

Essential oils begin at 52 HZ and run as high as 320 HZ. Therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known and disease, fungus, bacteria and virus cannot live in these frequencies. Studies have found that a healthy person has a frequency range of 62-78 HZ. Essential oil blends have a frequency from 47-192 HZ. Disease usually begins in the body below 60 HZ. Knowing that every disease has a frequency it is thought that with the correct essential oil and frequency that a disease can be stopped or eliminated within the body. Any substance with a high frequency will destroy a disease with a lower one.



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