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A Lesson In Commitment

by victoria steinhauser |

A lesson in commitment I learned from my skin care routine: I’m an all in or all out kind of person. I go big or go home. But I’m learning these days that any big change requires baby steps. I think we can all agree that the baby steps are easier anyway, and that applies to your skin as well, and sometimes the small investments will show you if you are prepared and ready to make a bigger one. A little deep for skincare I know, but I always wonder how committed am I actually going to be to the health of my skin when I go to make a purchase. Do I really need to spend this money if I’m not going to follow through? So as for my personal testimony, I started small and bought an all natural cleanser. I used it everyday, and it felt great. Simple, but consistent. And I learned to value the process of taking care of your skin. I made it my ritual. Morning and night. It became less of a step in a routine and more of a self care endeavour. Overtime that step became something to look forward to. It felt good. It smelled good. It looked good- i noticed real results. I wanted more. I was ready for the next step. Start with one small thing, stay consistent and then in time you can graduate to new levels and products. That’s how growth and health happens- you start small and graduate to new levels. So if you’re out there, and you’re like me, and you’re struggling with committing to process that is taking care of your skin, and just want to reach for the quick and cheap products on the drugstore shelves, take heart. It’s okay. Start with just one all natural product. Of course, I believe Native Atlas's cleansing oil is the best way to start. Your skin will thank you. Once you've seen the real results that little baby step can produce, graduate to another product a little bit later. Perhaps a toner. Then an oil. Then an exfoliant. And throw in a mask because you deserve it (and take my word for it, you'll want it!) Take your time. You'll find they really are all better together. All natural skin care is for everyone. It truly makes all the difference. Take the first baby step. Then build your ritual.

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