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It's no secret that we feel passionately about organic ingredients and transparency within our products...if you're looking for a few products to elevate your skincare routine and learn about some of our favorite ingredients, keep reading! CYPRESS   FOUND IN OUR CLEANSING OIL // Native to Eastern Mediterranean, cypress is known to have the following benefits: Restoring, calming and grounding to stress + nervous tension Stimulates Circulation Assists in clearing cellulite Clearing to oily skin + acne   EUCALYPTUS   FOUND IN OUR RECOVER BALM // Native to Australia, eucalyptus is known to have the following benefits: Refreshing + stimulating Helps skin infections + wounds Reduces lymphatic swelling Healing to muscular aches and pains, poor circulation, strains, and respiratory complaints   PEPPERMINT OIL   FOUND IN OUR MOVEMENT OIL // Native to USA and Europe, peppermint oil is known to have the following benefits: Increases circulation and lymphatic flow Stimulates the immune systems Healing to muscular pan Uplifting emotionally & stimulating to the adrenaline 

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