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Luxurious elixirs created exclusively with organic and wildcrafted plant oils cultivated from around the world. Our powerful blends permeate and nourish your skin to its deepest levels, providing healing benefits to the body, mind, and soul  Use daily as your cleansing ritual to remove modern day environmental aggressors and restore total peace.  

Our synergistic blends create a powerful effect on the skin, body and mind without the use of parabens, or petrochemicals. We use oils that are wildcrafted or certified organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. Wildcrafted is grown ethically and cultivated in the wild and not commercially farmed. Plants can continue the pure and sustainable growth cycle year after year.  Cold-pressed is the method of extraction that is extracted at a low heat of 80-90F. Organic plants have been grown without pesticides or additives. Our ingredients are naturally sourced and the naturally changing forces of seasons, weather, and time of harvest will cause minor variations in scent and color.  While there will never be complete uniformity in hue or aroma, the effectiveness and quality of the product will always remain the same.



We choose to use essential oils in their wholeness. We do not use isolates because we believe in the bio dynamic power of using the whole plant and not fragmented portions. Isolates are inexpensive and often synthetic ways to guarantee the product aroma stays the same.

We embrace the changes in seasons and value the journey of life each plant goes through. Because our products are all naturally sourced, the naturally changing forces of seasons, weather, and time of harvest will cause minor variations in scent and color.  While there will never be complete uniformity in hue or aroma, the effectiveness and quality of the product will always remain the same. 


"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”
                                                       — Albert Einstein

Basil - Native to Europe. Improves blood circulation. Basil is an analgesic and relieves pain from injuries and wounds. Emotionally uplifting and relieves stress and depression. 
Bergamot - Native to Italy. Promotes healing to acne, cold sores, eczema and infections. Balances oily complexions. Uplifting and stimulating against depression and nervous tension. Bergaptene has been removed to not cause photosensitivity.
Black Pepper - Native to Southwest India and in most tropical countries. Helps with poor circulation and bruising. Acts as an immune stimulant against viruses and infections. Antibacterial and antioxidant properties. High in Vitamin c. Mentally and emotionally helps with mental clarity and is stimulating. 
Cedar Atlas – Regulating to sebum production. Combats acne and acts as an antiseptic healing wounds. Stimulates the circulatory system clearing out lymph congestion and water retention. Emotionally grounding.
Cedarwood - Native to the Atlas Mountains of Algeria. Helps with dermatitis, eczema, infections, cuts and acne. Stimulates circulation. Calming and soothing to the emotions and helps with mental clarity.
Clary Sage - Native to Southern Europe. A stimulant to the lymphatic system. Mentally and emotionally grounding and centering. Helps aches and pains. Useful for combating oily hair, dandruff, inflamed skin and aging.
Cypress  - Native to Eastern Mediterranean. Restoring and calming and grounding to stress and nervous tension. Stimulates circulation and assists in clearing cellulite. Clearing to oily skin and acne.
Eucalyptus - Native to Australia. Refreshing and stimulating. Helps with skin infections and wounds. Reduces lymphatic swelling. Healing to muscular aches and pains, poor circulation and sprains and respiratory complaints.
Frankincense - Native to Ethiopia. Fights wrinkles, tones and lifts, regenerates healthy cells. Used to soothe and uplift the soul.
Galbanum - Native to France. Used to heal acne, inflammation, scar tissue and wrinkles. Promotes healthy circulation and relieves muscular aches. Brings harmony and balance.
Geranium - Native to South Africa. Stimulant for the lymphatic system and cellulite tissue. Relieves congestion and fluid retention. Balancing, relieves nervous tension and improves mental clarity. Balancing to sebum and clearing to congested skin including acne, bruising, broken capillaries and eczema.
German Chamomile - Native to Europe. Blue in color from the presence of chamazulene. This chemical constituent gives the oil its calming, soothing and anti inflammatory properties.
Lavender  - Native to Europe and Mediterranean. Calming and counteractive to anxiety and depression. Relieves inflammation. Promotes cellular regeneration and healing with anti aging properties and also soothes eczema, acne, infections, wounds and scarring. 
Lime - Native to Mexico. Used to heal acne, varicose veins and balance oily skin. High in Vitamin C.  Natural acids remove dead skin cells. 
Myrrh - Native to Egypt. Powerful antioxidant that supports healthy skin. Promotes blood circulation supplying proper oxygen to the tissues. Relieves dry and chapped skin and combats wrinkles.  Balancing.  
Neroli - Native to Tunisia. Uplifting, and joyful. Reduces scarring and discoloration, stimulates cell turnover for mature and sensitive skin. Wrinkle preventing and complexion clearing.  
Niaouli – Native to Madagascar. Eliminates bacteria and fungus. Treats acne and excessive oil production. Gentle on sensitive skin.
Orange - Native to Asia. Increases circulation and lymph movement. Uplifting to the spirits, warm and soothing. Excellent for dry and dehydrated skin. Healing to broken capillaries. 
Palmarosa - Native to Nepal. Regulating to oil production and regenerates cellular function. Promotes healing against scars and wrinkles.
Patchouli  - Native to East India. Moisturizing to dry, chapped and mature skin. Balances Oil production. Promotes healing to open wounds, and sores. Regulating to tissue regeneration and repairs wrinkles.
Peppermint Oil - Native to USA and Europe. Increases circulation and lymphatic flow. Stimulates the immune system. Healing to muscular pain. Uplifting emotionally and stimulating to the adrenaline.
Pink Grapefruit - Native to USA. Used to combat cellulite and acne, and balance oil production. High in Vitamin C, lycopene, vitamins, minerals and potassium.
Ravintsara – Native to Sri Lanka. Brings relief to joint pain. Relaxes muscle and nerve pain. Balances sebum production. Disinfectant to the skin.
Rosemary - Native to Asia and the Mediterranean. Relieves pain to stiff muscles. Improves mental clarity and stimulates memory improvement.
Sandalwood - Native to Australia. Relieves inflammation, irritation and dehydration; tightens skin, promotes healing against acne and infections. Used for all skin types. Relieving on stress and nervous tension.
Tea Tree - Native to Australia. Promotes mental clarity. Soothing to aches and pains. Healing to acne, and abscesses. Antibacterial, anti infection, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti septic.
Turmeric – Native to India. Strong anti inflammatory and  detoxifier to the skin. Rich in curcumin which is known to have a powerful effect on depression anxiety and stress.
Vetiver - Native to Nepal. Used to heal acne and balance oily skin. Promotes circulation, helps to heal scars and stretch marks. Soothing and calming against depression stress and nervous tension.
Ylang Ylang - Native to tropical Asia, Philippines and Madagascar. Eases muscle tension. Balancing to skin sebum and fight acne causing bacteria.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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