The passion for toxic free products began early in my career. I worked for a global skin care line that dedicated itself to being conscious. After eleven years as an esthetician I learned the potential chemical overload even with the most unsuspecting products. 
I felt a challenge to find the right products to use on my own clients which proved to be very difficult. This stirred a drive in me to start fresh and create my own facial oils to use during treatments. Clients began asking me where they could get the oils I used on them. I would sell the bottles right off my backbar and have to go home and make a fresh batch. I made small batches of face oils, hand wrote labels and sold them right off the shelf at work. 
I am married to a native Kenyan who is an athletic trainer. His occupation inspired my very first packaged and retailed product: a muscle rub. Together we decided to commit to keeping our business' and the products we use with our clients toxic-free. Whether on skincare or in the environment we create as a whole, we would begin our journey to promote health inside and out.  
I am passionate about making toxic free products the new industry standard. Essential oils and essential fatty acids play a vital role in our everyday health. The need for transparency of ingredients on our labels has never been more apparent. Our health is dependent on the nutrients we absorb and the hidden toxic chemicals augment this critical healthy absorption.  

At Native Atlas I use botanical skin essentials to create sustainable, organic products with globally harvested resources. Toxic free is a lifestyle and we are a lifestyle brand. It is my desire that these products will remind you that: Life Is Beautiful. 

Much Love,

Alexia Wambua