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As Seen Featured on Byrdie Beauty //

by Kailey Resinger |

According to Byrdie Beauty...

It's Official: These Are the 7 Biggest Clean Beauty Trends of 2019

We're not the only ones that love our Rewind Tonic! Read on to see snippets of Byrdie Beauty's Rewind Review.


"The Newest generation of clean beauty products are just as luxurious, potent, and sleek-looking as their high-end counterparts, minus any sketchy ingredients."

"The Latest crop of liquid exfoliators opt for gentle fruit acids and botanicals to slough away dead skin cells, instead of any harsher ingredients. "Exfoliating serums, toners, and masks that offer that instant gratification glow are having a moment," says Gaillard. He calls out the Native Atlas Zahara Rewind Tonic (exclusive to The Detox Market) that uses aha's, salicylic, plus colloidal silver to powerfully smooth, and replace more conventional acid toners that might be full of more synesthetic ingredients. It's a gentle serum with natural fruit acids and hydrators to regenerate and brighten."

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