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Explore: South Africa - Part 3

by Jensie Culton |

To wrap up our voyage this week, let's talk about the skincare ingredient that is making South Africa a skincare mecca.


The drought-resistant marula tree grows tall and leafy in the harsh, dry weather of the South African bush. It has been used for thousands of years for everything from food and medicine, to alcoholic beverages and fertility predictions. And while each part of the tree is usable, the healing properties of the oil in the marula fruit’s kernel are particularly noteworthy. So what is all the buzz about?

It. is. a. powerhouse. Exceptionally rich in omega oils -6 and -9, it hydrates like none other without leaving skin greasy. Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C, with 60% more antioxidant power than argan oil, it reverses photo-damage and smooths fine lines. Its small particles reach the deepest layers of skin to boost cellular activity, increasing collagen and elastin while strengthening the lipid layer. This means skin is firmer, smoother and brighter (read: GLOWING). Marula oil’s antibacterial and soothing effects heal scar tissue and blemishes while reducing redness and inflammation. And because it absorbs effortlessly without clogging pores, all skin types will benefit from its miracle-working powers.

Pale to golden in color, with a nutty-sweet aroma, marula oil is your skin’s new best friend. Because we love it so much, we made it the base of our Anti Aging oils. A few drops at nighttime will ensure you wake up looking better than ever. Find yours here.

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