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by Kailey Resinger |

It's that time again! Shopping for your loved ones can be difficult - we're here to help! From your in-laws to your bestie, we've got something for everyone. Happy shopping xx.


Recover Balm // for the athlete and hard worker // De-stress, detox and soothe. Effectively rejuvenate both mind and body with cooling menthol and warm capsicum.

Circulation Soak // Available in Reusable jar and compostable re-fill bag. Soak away sore muscles and promote wellness with this therapeutic bath soak! 

Movement Oil // For your on-the-go de-stressing needs! Enjoy this spot relief and mental fatigue treatment, anywhere! 

The Zahara Collection is perfect for the skincare lover! Get the ultimate glow with this powerful trio.

Vitamin Serum // bring back radiance to your skin. This is a daily treatment that soaks deep to help energize the skin to even its tone, reduce discoloration and restore a beautiful glow.

Rewind Tonic // Available in two sizes // 4oz and .5oz // This powerful blend quickly restores a clear and glowing complexion by wiping away dull surface cells, excess oil and dirt. 

Enzyme Mask // Who doesn't love a good mask?! The botanical hyaluronic acid and AHA blend in our enzyme mask support the skin's ability to restore healthy hydration levels on the surface and deep within! 


We all know that one that just can't bare to sit still for long! We have the perfect gift ideas for the busy-body!

Universal Rollers // These compact rollers are perfect to throw in any bag or purse! 

Supreme Clean // Cleanse, purify and nourish your hands with this natural anti bacterial and anti microbial herbal blend // this is an essential to take with you everywhere! 

Virdis Toning Mist //  For those constantly on-the-move // Virdis is a great antioxidant mist to fight environmental pollution! Fight daily signs of dehydration with this intoxicating blend of botanical floral waters.

Gifts under $60 for him or her!

Our Universal Collection // Multipurpose hair, skin and body oils celebrate powerful, natural plant-based ingredients designed to heal, soothe, and hydrate. These gender-neutral, versatile elixirs are the perfect fit for anyone! 

Cleansing Oil // Restoring cleansing oil and makeup remover // This is a staple product for any skincare routine! Cleanse away modern day environmental aggressors with the power of plants. Detox with potent botanicals and plant extracts that rid skin of excess oil and problem-causing bacteria while encouraging healthy cell-renewal. 

Recover Balm // for the athlete and hard worker // De-stress, detox and soothe. Effectively rejuvenate both mind and body with cooling menthol and warm capsicum.


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