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Ingredient Spotlight

by Kailey Resinger |

Each month, we like to round up some of our recent ingredient spotlights and share! As a clean beauty brand, we feel strongly about expressing transparency and educating our audience on what we put into our products. Here's a rundown of recent ingredients we've highlighted over the past few weeks!

LIME // Native to Mexico - Known benefits include:

  • healing to acne and varicose veins
  • removes dead skin cells
  • high in vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen collagen. 

GERANIUM // Native to South Africa - Known benefits include:

  • stimulant for the lymphatic system and cellulite tissue
  • relieves congestions and fluid retention
  • balances + relieves nervous tension 
  • improves mental clarity
  • balancing to sebum + clearing to congested skin congested skin including acne, bruising, broken capillaries, and eczema

ROSEMARY // Native to Asia + the Mediterranean - Known benefits include:

  • relieves pain to stiff muscles
  • improves mental clarity 
  • stimulates memory improvement 

PANAX GINSENG // Native to South Korea - Known benefits include:

  • known for its powerful phytonutrients // a substance found in certain plants believed to be beneficial to human health and prevent various diseases
  • ability to brighten skin

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