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Beginnings + Body Balm

by Kailey Resinger |

Here's the truth. The beauty industry can be frustrating. In America, the ingredient regulations are pitiful. Companies are able to load up their products with whatever they want, with little to no restrictions. Beauty companies are popping up left and right - and their main mission isn't always, err, genuine. Their focus may primarily be monetary gain. You might be thinking, "duh!", and while money is just about as important as the air we is our health.

Skincare and makeup companies are far from scarce, but honest, informative, and health-centered skincare companies very much are. Before you buy what a company is selling, I encourage you to look into their mission, their passion, their beginning. It should be prevalent that their intention is people first, and money second. 

The foundation of Native Atlas was and still is, to help. We are honest. We are informative. We are motivated by helping people. It's important that we silence the greedy corner of this industry and highlight the community on the other side. The community that cares about your health, the community that doesn't hide harmful ingredients in your products, the community that practices transparency. 

And so, here's our beginning.  

Misuli Recover Balm started as a one-time cure for achy and dry hands. Hands that worked hard everyday, hands that had tried a plethora of creams and oils yet ended each day worse than the one before. Then came Alexia, with a magic concoction to rid her husbands hands of flakes and aches. After two weeks of using her products, his hands stopped drying out and peeling altogether. Each day her Husband handed out more and more to his achy clients, and eventually the demand spoke for itself. Several products later, Native Atlas still stands true to its beginning. We're here to help. We're a company whose mission in the beginning will not waiver in the future. 

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