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by Kailey Resinger |

Meet this month's pro feature, Eric John, professional hairstylist based in LA. Stylist to the stars, Eric, shares his next steps in his career, where he is pivoting in his profession currently, and more. Read along to hear our full interview with Eric. 

A little backstory for our audience...Alexia and Eric co-owned a salon together about 10 years ago called Ej Bain. 'Ej' for Eric, and 'Bain' after Alexia's dad. Their conversation explored many memories from that time of their lives & moved on to their convictions of a clean beauty lifestyle, Eric's favorite Native Atlas products, and more. 

Q: Eric you moved back to LA and your career has just evolved so much! Tell us about yourself and your career.

A: "I've been back in LA for about 7 or 8 years, and it has shifted a lot. My main focus for a long time was just doing clients at the salon, and then I had the opportunity to work with a different clientele-performing artists, recording artists, Beyonce. Which has been incredible. It's been an adventure. Where I'm at professionally - with covid - taking this opportunity to really pivot and try something different. I set up a studio out of my home, where I can work on different hair pieces and wigs. My main focus and drive is lots of hair color, balayage specifically. It's been great for me to pivot and try something a little different after about 17 years of working behind the chair and feel that excitement."

Q: You posted a picture from the Grammys! Tell us about that experience. 

A: That was amazing. Having that opportunity to work with that client, is truly still dreamy. Like 'Wow! This is happening!' I've found professionally always just being open to new opportunities. It's so cool to see what opportunities come your way when you commit to doing the best that you can at something. I feel very grateful to be in the spot that I am now.

Q: Are you still doing hair in LA?

A: Yes, with a little bit of a reduced schedule. Less time behind the chair to be able to focus on new opportunities: photoshoots, male grooming, color. What's great about la is it allows its self different avenues. I'm trying to stay consist with my long-time clients and then continue to be open to new opportunites

On the topic of Clean Beauty and product usage as a professional:

A: It is really important. Wearing masks for all of this last year, it made me realize when I took the mask off how much chemicals and smells like hair color and bleach, how much of that I was breathing in. What we're exposed to as artists, it's important to protect ourselves. 

Q: Do you have anything else you'd like to share about your profession?

A: If anyone sees this and they’ve considered moving into a profession similar to us...this is a sign to do it! I’m so grateful to have found something that allows me to be creative, to work with people, and to make a really beautiful living.

Q: Favorite Native Atlas product?

A: Cocoa Beach Universal Oil, It's my favorite after yoga and I use it as a natural deodorant. I start at my chest and move up to my neck into my beard! 

Q: What’s next for you Eric?

Continue doing what I'm doing and grow that, But also diversify financially! Beyond that, I'm trying to be really open to a family and a partner. I'm curious about that and what that will look like for me. 


You can follow Eric's journey on instagram @ejhagen ✨

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