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Summer Skincare Essentials

by Kailey Resinger |

Summer is around the corner! And with this warmer season ahead, now is the time to adjust your skincare routine. From quick & easy must-haves, to our favorite liquid exfoliant, we've compiled a list of our go-to products for this busy season. 


The Zahara Rewind Tonic 


The Rewind Tonic is so easy to use, and comes in two sizes. Try or use for your on-the-go needs this summer with our .5oz bottle. Or stock up for the season with our 4oz bottle. 
Travel and excess heat contribute to easily clogged pores, the Rewind Tonic offers a deeper cleanse, while gently wiping away dull surface cells, excess oil and dirt. Making this perfect for summer -  it will leave your skin looking and feel fresher than ever. 
Rewind Tonic - .5oz - $12 // 4oz - $68


 Zahara Enzyme Mask


If you're looking for that intense summer glow - look no further. The Enzyme Mask is intensely hydrating and formulated to boost your skin's radiance. The botanical hyaluronic acid + AHA blend blend support the skin's ability to restore healthy hydration levels on the surface and deep within. 
The Enzyme Mask is perfect for all skin types and is best used in the evening after cleansing + immediately follow with the Vitamin Serum. 
Enzyme Mask - $78


Misuli Movement Oil Roller


The Movement Oil is perfectly sized to fit in any bag or purse, making it the perfect go-to product for a season packed with activities and travel. Use the Movement Oil as a morning wake up ritual, on-the-go spot relief or mental fatigue treatment.
Ingredients: THC Free Hemp infused with shea butter and MCT oil base with energizing peppermint, basil, and soothing lavender. Use: rub over areas that are sore or tight. Rub near temples or base of neck. Use to smell good, feel good, + morning energy or a mid afternoon pick me up. 
Movement Oil - $59


Supreme Clean Waterless Hand Wash

The Waterless Hand Wash never leaves our bag. No more smelly hand sanitizer! And with more time spent outside, you can't go wrong keeping the Supreme Clean handy. 
Cleanse, purify and nourish your hands with this naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial herbal blend. Featuring Arnica, Rosemary, Tea Tree and 65% Organic Grape alcohol. This is an essential to take with you everywhere! 
Supreme Clean - $16


The Living Beauty Oil

Add this to your nightly routine for intense moisture. Rich in live and active botanicals, this non-greasy facial elixir absorbs perfectly. This oil was blended with great intention to purify and beautify lackluster skin while gently removing stress and anxiety that has accumulated over time. 
Use: apply 5-6 drops of oil daily and nightly on a cleansed and toned face. 
Living Beauty Oil - $89

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