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Wearing sunscreen year-round may seem odd, but doing-so could prevent you from premature aging and sun damage. There are two types of UV light, both harmful to your skin. Here's the rundown: UVA has a longer wavelength, and is associated with skin aging. UVB has a shorter wavelength, and is associated with skin burning. It seems rather obvious that wearing sunscreen while by the pool, or just in extreme heat is a must. However, it is often forgotten that the suns exposure could be equally as harmful in the colder seasons. In winter, UVB rays are weaker and are blocked by glass and clouds, but 50-60% of UVA rays go right through windows. UVA will also reflect off of snow and nearly double your sun exposure...yikes! Be cautious this winter and wear your sunscreen underneath your makeup, there are a ton of healthy options that include priming affects (at affordable price points)! The Biossance Mineral SPF is a great option. Check out our guide and let us know if you try any!      Sources:

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